with Susan Morgan, CNS

Pakeen Farm, Canton, MA
9am – 4 pm
September 20, 2015

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Mindfulness is not just a cognitive exercise! By making full use of the body, deliberately filling it with conscious awareness, the physical form becomes experientially known in new ways. We grow sensitive to how the body physically occupies space, how the mind senses and uses the interior space, and how these together bring about an experience of embodiment. This embodied sense supports the growing edge in practice of calming-staying with all that arises, a necessary prerequisite for deeper investigation.

In meditation practice we are finding the supports the organism needs to create the conditions for being with whatever arises. This alone is a profound act of self-care. As we grow more comfortable, relaxing the inclination to brace ourselves, we come to understand the intimacy of the relationship between body and mind and make fuller use its connection. We sense into embodiment. This provides an infinitely rich field of mindful exploration leading to deeper insight and compassion.