with Bill Morgan, PsyD & Susan Morgan, CNS
Sundays, January-July, 2016
Limit: 16 participants

This 6-month closed practice group is intended to bring the four foundations of mindfulness to life in an experience-near way as a means of deepening presence—a warm, connected, mindful awareness—in one’s personal and professional lives.

As interest in mindfulness grows in all aspects of mental and medical health care, more clinicians aspire to practice meditation regularly in their daily lives. However, our best intentions often yield to the demands of our fastpaced lives; formal practice suffers and mindfulness in daily life becomes sporadic at best. How can we create, establish and maintain a mindfulness practice that is personally meaningful and sustainable?

One of the best ways to nurture a personal mindfulness practice is through practicing with others. Together with other colleagues interested in developing their own meditation practice, we create sangha, a community of like-minded individuals. Here we learn to sit with ourselves in the company of others, and use this as a support to develop our understanding of these teachings and strengthen our mindfulness practice. Staying connected with group members between our formal meetings is integral to the course. An atmosphere is fostered for exploration of one’s own personal practice on and off the cushion, in all postures, using the Satipatthana Sutta, the seminal instructions on the four foundations of mindfulness. Participants will be introduced to a range of mindfulness techniques that can be integrated into personal meditation practice or applied at the workplace in the form of therapeutic presence. Personal and group guidance and support is offered throughout the course.

The program consists of six 3-hour practice sessions, interspersed over six months. These sessions include: a brief didactic presentation, meditation instruction and practice, and discussion. There will also be two day-long retreats. Participants will connect between meetings around practice assignments. Each member is offered a phone meeting with each of the teachers during the course for private conversations about one’s meditation challenges and aspirations.

Meetings are held in a lovely meditation space in the basement of St John’s Chapel on Brattle St in Cambridge.

Please plan to attend all eight meetings when you register for this program.

20 CE credits are available to psychologists, nurses, social workers and licensed mental health counselors. To receive CE credits for this program, most participants need to attend 80% of the sessions.

Dates & Times:
  • 1/10: 9-12
  • 2/7: 9-12
  • 3/6: 9-4 Day-Long Retreat
  • 4/17: 9-12
  • 5/15: 9-12
  • 6/5: 9-12
  • 6/26: 9-4 Day-Long Retreat
  • 7/10: 9-12

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