with Susan Morgan, msn, rn, cs

2019 Schedule & Details Coming Soon!

Location: Dorchester, MA

Maximum capacity is an intimate 8


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Well placed days devoted to meditation practice help us refresh, renew, and recover a sense of balance to the bodyheartmind that is hard to find when caught in the whirlwinds of everyday life.


When the body relaxes, it feels more comfortable within itself. When the body relaxes, the mind can settle down into itself. When the body relaxes, the heart can open. As these three aspects—body, heart, and mind relax, they are better able to receive information, process information, and respond more skillfully. How do these conditions come about? By establishing a posture of practice that is itself a holding environment.


Use this day to clear out, explore, and enjoy, and practice remembering to remember to be mindful. Prepare the soil for cultivation, for investigation and understanding; create the conditions for letting go of the bindings that impede clear seeing and a receptive heart. Clearing away these obstacles opens the resonant field. Each of us needs to discover what is needed now to support the natural opening or releasing into a state of alert relaxed attention. This is an invitation to do just that.


STRUCTURE: Each day includes meditation instruction, short periods of silent meditation and movement through the four basic postures-sitting, standing, lying down, and walking.

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring your lunch, 2 large bath towels or 1 thick blanket and wear comfortable clothes that you can move comfortably around in both on the floor and in standing postures.

FEE: The cost for this retreat is $95, with a $50 deposit due at the time of registration.
This fee is not intended to be exclusionary. If you are unable to afford this but wish to commit to attend please contact me directly; some scholarship money is available.
If you feel so moved, you may offer additional dana. Dana means Generosity. It is a practice of the heart and one that we are less familiar with in this culture.
Payment directions are offered at the end of the registration form; please follow the link below.

Please offer what you are capable of AND feel moved to give.
REGISTRATION: Please register in advance by following this link.