MAR17-APR14 || Esalen, Big Sur CA || Growing Sea Legs in Samsara: Mindfulness in Challenging Times

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With Bill Morgan, Psy.D. and Susan Morgan, CNS

This is a residential study program – see below for links to details

Living skillfully in these challenging times requires sensitivity, discernment and wise action. Mindfulness meditation is a vehicle that can cultivate and strengthen these qualities. Yet despite the growing popularity of mindfulness in our culture, much continues to be lost in translation, and the depth and power of these practices have not been made fully accessible to our present-day context.

There are two major emphases in the workshop. First, we will explore ways to enrich and enliven mindfulness practice on the cushion, supporting each participant to clear blocks to deeper self-acceptance and connect with authentic, personally alive presence.

From here, our practice will radiate out into mindfulness in action. Experiential exercises offer an opportunity to clarify and work with the relational dynamics of self as an agent in this world-on-fire. Journaling, mindful speaking and deep listening exercises provide a context for learning to express oneself in language rooted in discerning compassion.

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