Meditation Preparation: Setting the Stage


Shake it Loose


Shake it Loose is a free-form practice that releases stress and opens the body and breathing in a playful unscripted way. Let the body have its way with you! This creates space for the heartmind to unwind its burdens in.



BEFORE formal meditation practice AND periodically throughout the day.



Move all of the joints, all of the limbs, as much as they are able. Let breathing be free and full as the body moves. Bend, open, lengthen, roll, shake off tension that has recently accumulated. Not so vigorously that you injure yourself, but enough to tenderize the meat on the bones.

(HINT: the body is always collecting some amount of tension). Let the moves encourage and support the body to drop what is unnecessary.


Shake It Loose – meditation preparation (7.5 minutes)


Shake It Loose – meditation preparation (4 minutes)



Shake It Loose – audio only (1.5 minutes)






Suffusion with the Divine Abidings (5 minutes)  Click here to download PDF of the chant

Verses of Sharing and Aspiration (4 minutes)  Click here to download PDF of the chant






Creating A Holding Environment (17 minutes)

Open Awareness (14 minutes)

Focused Awareness (12 minutes)

Above recordings courtesy of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy Certificate Program. 

Mindfulness of Mind: Practicing Observing (20.5 minutes)

Connections (7 minutes)

Noticing and Appreciating (10.4 minutes)






The Hindrances and the Seven Factors of Awakening (1 hour 4 minutes)