JUNE15 || Dorchester, MA || Feeding the Heart Good Food: A Day Long Retreat for Couples

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With Bill and Susan Morgan at their lovely home in Dorchester, MA

At some point, we take our loved ones for granted. While there certainly are benefits to knowing one’s partner better, familiarity breeds complacency. We get sloppy, casual. We don’t fully listen, assuming that we already know what our partner is going to say. We forget to appreciate. We forget the preciousness of our primary relationship.

This day will be dedicated to slowing down and connecting with ourselves and our partners.

You will participate in a series of dyadic exercises intended to increase sensitivity and attunement with your beloved. 

Privacy and confidentiality are respected. Each person works within their own partnership. No couple will be put on the spot and asked to share personal information in front of others.

Vegetarian lunch will be provided; if you have special needs, please supplement accordingly.


June 15 at 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

This event is being held at Bill and Susan Morgan’s lovely home in Dorchester, MA.  Address and other details will be provided prior to the event.

Cost: $150 per couple (sliding scale $120)

Limit: 6 couples*

*preferably couples that have worked with us previously but please reach out if this isn’t the case

For questions about the event or registration process, contact Janine: info@billandsusan.net