APR17-APR 21 || Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, Barre MA || Cultivating the Holding Environment: Setting Up the Posture of Mindfulness Practice

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With Bill Morgan, Psy.D. and Susan Morgan, CNS

In our work as caregivers, we understand the importance of creating a holding environment in which people can safely explore their inner life. Our mindfulness practice will benefit if we set up a container that is akin to this.

Throughout this course, we will study and practice setting up the internal environment conducive for making progress in mindfulness meditation. In our experience, practitioners in our cognitively oriented and high stimulus culture frequently struggle in this area. We will offer many instructions and guided meditations designed to create a personally meaningful and enriching environment in which mindfulness practice may flourish.

During our time together didactic modules, group discussions and mindful communication exercises will be offered. Apart from this, outside of the meditation hall, silence is observed, including during meal times, in order to facilitate a deeper contemplative experience. Mornings and evenings are devoted to guided sitting and walking meditation.

12 CEU units are available to psychologists and other mental health professionals.


  1. Participants will utilize mindfulness and concentration practices in the service of being present and deepening therapeutic presence.
  2. Participants will be able to identify and establish the essential components of the holding environment for mindfulness meditation practice.
  3. Participants will demonstrate how to set up mindfulness practice in all four postures (sitting, standing, lying down, and walking).
  4. Participants will utilize compassion practices to enhance empathic attunement.
  5. Participants will learn techniques for working with unwholesome mind states.



Sustaining: $716
Mid Level (Actual Cost): $556
Supported: $436
Non-Resident: $260

Scholarships available